Help w/ repainting grape v's

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I just bought a pair of wornnn grape 5s and i'm gonna make a project out of them. I will be using Angelus paints for restoring the midsole and sea glow for the soles/nettings.

As far as the paint goes, I will use violet Angelus for the grape areas of midsole, black paint for the black areas
, but I need some help mixing up the emerald green.  Has anybody done this before? I've heard that it's a combination of the "light green" and "light blue", but I'd like to hear from more people before making the order for paint.

Thanks ahead of time guys
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what i would do is call or email Angelus paint and ask them what colors to mix they should know...... and honestly whatever paint you use doesnt matter it will crack regardless dont let people tell you Angelus is the best paint go to a local Joans they have a great selection on paint and im pretty sure you can find an emarld colorway
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