Help with Montreal spots!

Jun 24, 2004
I am going to be in Montreal January 4th - 9th for a volleyball tournamnet at Limalou, I believe (unsure the venue) and playing an exhibition against McGill. Will have a couple of days to shop, so I am wondering what are some good spots to check out? As i understand, Limalou is in Quebec City? My coach went to McGill and said there is a great footwear store near the university. Any insight would help. Thanks
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Cegep Limoilou is in Quebec City, which is about a couple of hours away from Montreal. If you're going to be in Montreal when you play McGill here are a few spots to hit:

Goodfoot Montreal
3830 BOULEVARD SAINT-LAURENT - (514) 849-2359

Off The Hook
1021 RUE SAINTE-CATHERINE OUEST - (514) 499-1021

Underworld (if you're looking for SB's)
289 Ste-Catherine Est

LaBelle Province (anywhere) for poutine
Schwartz on St.Laurent near Goodfoot for the best smoke meat in town.

Not sure what spot your coach is talking about near the University but if I find out I'll let you know....oh and i'm not sure about spots in Quebec City. Hit the Laurier Mall though, place is crawling with hot quebecois women so brush up on your francais!
volleyball tournament = La Godasse 3686-B, boul. Saint-Laurent...jejejeeee

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Thanks alot guys! Well for the first post, I don't really understand the 2nd. MY coach has no idea of the place he went to, but I will try and post if I find out. I am realy going to try and hit goodfoot, as I have heard good things...
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I'm heading there for a conference(yea...i'm there for a conference *cough*), what's near the Holiday Inn Montreal Midtown?
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Thanks for your help guys. Stopped by Godasse and grabbed a pair of 35th Anniversary Superstars- Paris Cities edition, then to La Belle Provence for Poutine. that gravy is UNREAL! They need to take debit so I could have grabbed the large...

Goodfoot was nice. Staff was cool. Sizing kind of sucked... ended up walking out with Jordan IV inspired dunks and the last pair of Neptune SB's., as well as a couple of tees. Thanks alot for your help!!!!!
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man i gotta go back there, city is great..
food is awesome, great looking girls, no complaints from me..
Women are very beautiful... almost enough to make me try and relearn French....
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