Here's what happens when 6'6" 245 meets 6'1" 200....vid

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my man got laid out

i wouldve loved to play hockey... just skate around shoulder and hip checkin
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 The LT of hockey!? 
That was NASTY......Nighty Night.......Dont let the bed bugs bit 
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Nice cheap shot from his blind side, thought this woulda been about MJJ on Lights Out
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It was a legal hit. But Clean? NO!

Think about it Leo didn't have anywhere to go. A guy like Sutton knows he isn't going anywhere so you take that opportunity to create those huge collisions because you know Leo is going full speed and he can't get out of the way. When you're trying to shield the puck against the boards and a defender is there reaching for it someone can come right in front of you and you're defenseless.

Anyone would relish the opportunity to get a hit in like that. He missed the hit though. Leo was too low for him
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Originally Posted by damnTHOSEjs

his blind side

define what blind side is for us.

because on my screen the man hit him from the front.

It wasn't a blind side hit, Leopold was skating up the ice and the guy came head on, it just looks like a blind side because Leopold turned at the last second so he got hit in the shoulder/back area. It did look like a bit of an elbow though IMO
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@ Fresh callin that a blind side hit......dude got caught with his head down and it was a PERFECT north/south hit. Sutton's elbow was tucked in....
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Initially, I thought he led with the elbow, but after seeing more angles, the elbow came up after the contact, as Sutton was falling.

I wouldn't say clean hit, but a good hit. I'm not a fan of those who hit a player when he's looking down trying to gather the puck, but that's just me.
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Elbow wasn't out. Leopold should no better going through the neutral zone with his head down.
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