hey philly, where can i cop optimus prime trainers?

bump, im trying to find out as well.

ANybody know if samsung or any of the stores down south street getting them?
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If anywhere did, I think it would be WTHN or Ubiq Walnut.

But I haven't heard anything.
ubiqs not gettin em wthns not gettin em, ubiq said these are super exclusive dnt expect for these to be anywhere on the east coast
samsun doesnt know anything as usual they are least helpful out of any of the stores on the phone. ubiq probably is making that up they are going to release to urban accounts i just dont know when and for $120 retail this is straight from nike all sizes
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They arent dropping for a while now because they will no longer have the optimus prime logo on them. Nike wouldnt pay the licensing fees for it so it will just say nike on it.
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