Sep 28, 2005
im goin to be coming out there in august
and i was wondering where i would be able to
get the london forces at.
i called niketown and the guy told me that
some store on olive and denny probably would
have them.

thanks for help in advance.
Capitol 1524 is the name of the place....
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capitol smells, j/k they probably have em but i havent been there in awhile

if you go up the street from Niketown you can go to Goods. i believe they carry af1s now. i never go in there im only in the skate shop. tho so i really dont know if they would have em.
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Capitol 1524 is the place to get it, but that is one of the weakest urban account place I ever been to. They need a "Shoe Palace" up here. Hell just built one near my house in Shoreline so I would be walking out with my J for retail place. :pimp:
champs southcenter has them,but I think they only have big sizes left
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