Hey sup net music freaks, in it for the money, question what is jonathan bieber worth?guess's?

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could not find anything under his name? like what is he worth in music industry or what or how much did he sign for? to label? guess's? 

ham city

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I got no idea fam, i'm just glad you've made another long anticipated appearance in the music forum, dictation is comedic gold as usual (no d ride).
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Good to seeing you again briefly my guessing would be net worth of jonathan bieber likely surpassing a several millions.
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Originally Posted by LuigiTheKing

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his name is Justin though
ayo at you for knowing his real name

I googled the song name op posted and it came up as Justin.

Biggest lie I've ever read.

Whats so hard to believe about that? First i googled jonthon bieber and nothing music related even came up. Then op said the name of a song he sang and i googled that. It came up as justin bieber, not jonathan. I dont listen to his music so why would I know his name? Now that i saw who he is I do recognize him from that show silent library though.
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