Hey Wizards/ Agent Zero fans

Oct 9, 2006
So pics of the Gil II zero have dropped and I was wondering how people around the Area feel about them, and what colorways are ya'll tryin tp pick up.

GilIIZero Release Dates
1 Scores for Schools Foundation Kickoff Event
Thats my foundation that I have in D.C. I give $100 for every point I score at home.
2 Cust0mize vs. Warriors Nov. 23, 2007
B Diddy will like these.
3 Agent Zero vs. Cavs Dec. 5, 2007
When LeBron comes to town, my feet will be ready.
4 Vote for Gilbert vs. Suns Dec. 7, 2007
Thats for Vitamin Water. Its a whole little campaign were doing.
5 NBA LIVE 08 @ Heat Dec. 13, 2007
This is my first away shoe. Coming out right in time for the holidays. I might push the release date up though because the game comes out on October 2.
6 DC Football vs. Heat Dec. 29, 2007
That shoe is coming out on a Saturday, and its inspired by the ********. Thats for all the ******** fans because they play the Cowboys on the following day, a Sunday.
7 Coke Zero @ Hawks Jan. 11, 2008
Visit Coke Rewards for details.
8 Halo @ Nuggets Feb. 8, 2008
The game is coming out on September 25, so maybe we'll move this release date up.
9 Black President @ Suns Feb. 10, 2008
I got 54 against Steve Nash last year, so you know I'm going to come out with a shoe in Phoenix.
10 Looney Tunes - BUGS @ Warriors Feb. 11, 2008
This is coming out only in kids sizes. So all infants and boys under the age of 10, this is for you. This one is for my son.
11 Looney Tunes - TWEETY @ Clippers Feb. 13, 2008
This one is also only in kids sizes and is for my daughter and other little girls.
12 SLAM Magazine @ Knicks Feb. 19, 2008
New York Citaayyy.
13 THREEZERO @ Rockets Feb. 26, 2008
This is a company thats in Asia that makes toys. So theyre going to have a a 24" vinyl figure toy of me with the shoe and its going to be released in China. So this shoe is going to come out in Houston vs. Yao.
14 Cuba @ Heat Mar. 21, 2008
I know a lot of people dont know, but Im mixed with a little bit of Cuban, so this is for all the Cubanos. Ill also wear it in Chicago, because there are a lot of Cubans in Chicago. I dont know how, but trust me, there are.
15 Channel Zero @ Blazers Mar. 25, 2008
This is the Dont watch me, watch TV shoe. Greg Oden is out, so Portland might get that taken away from them. They might get it taken away, Im not sure. Portland fans, thats a question mark. Im sorry. Its a nice-looking shoe too. I might have to switch it. That might become Denver with A.I. and Carmelo. Well see.
16 Gilwood @ Lakers Mar. 30, 2008
This is the first time Im going back to L.A. since that 60-pointer. So those colors are the Lakers colors.
17 UNDRCRWN vs. Heat April 4, 2008
Wow, four releases against the Heat. Damn. Somebody likes the Heat at adidas. Check out UNDRCRWN's home page.
18 Hibachi ??? ???
This is the Benihana collab. Time for you all to decide. Should I drop this shoe in Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Memphis, Orlando or Philadelphia? Tell me what city should get it.

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I have no idea why but i kinda like em.. i think its just cuz i'm a huge gil fan but I'll probably pick up the white/black/gold (not the ones pictured)
so he is gonna have a release every week of a different colorway?

thats ummm...interesting...
imma try and get all 20!
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