High School Graduates Job Thread

Joined Apr 11, 2006
ive been searching for jobs all around the place. I've got about 60 college credits and 3-6 misc college credits I never went back for at another college I attented and I also got my high school diploma. I'm curious if there's any high School graduates with actual good jobs! gimme examples and how did you do this!?
Joined Mar 29, 2005
Best bet will be civil service, retail (with experience, as Rico x Hood already said), or heavy manufacturing (use this as a stop gap, take advantage of any opportunities to advance or if there's a tuition match, earn your degree).

In my state (MI) civil service pays HS graduates more than they could earn in the private sector (degreed employees could earn more on the outside, most likely), but the market is so tough that folk with a BA or even a masters are working jobs that don't require a degree. It's getting tougher overall and, whatever you do, use your next gig as a springboard for specialized training - either in on the job in that field or saving/using a match for technical education or a BA.
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