High waisted shorts

Joined Feb 17, 2012
How is it that these "high waisted" shorts have ventured back into style? They look uncomfortable and horrible on all wiminz. What are y'all opinions on these ugly thangs coming back into view? I personally don't wan to look at that again like its the 1980's. Explain
Joined Oct 11, 2007
See, Snapbacks, skinny jeans, high top fades, "Poetic Justice" braids, gold chains.............
Joined Feb 15, 2008
" I said, well daddy don't you know that things go in cycles
The way that Bobby Brown is just ampin like Michael"
Joined Sep 1, 2005
I actually kinda like it. It also depends on the girl that is wearing them. Like most clothes, they look better if they are on a good looking person
Joined Jul 29, 2005
:rofl: white girls gonna lose their "mass effect" wearing these shorts. I remember the first time around :smh:
Joined Jan 14, 2006
It didn't look good the first time around, it still doesn't now

When the waist line gets that high, it allows them to wear granny panties with that waist line up to the stomach.
I don't ever want to see that ish. Gives me the shudders, makes me think I'm gettin grannyyambs
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