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I heard on the radio apparently if your one of the first 30 customers @ any HMV Canada locations to purchase either Kanye's or 50's album tomorrow you get the other album for free. A rep from Universal called in and confirmed this too so if you buy "Graduation" you get "Curtis" for free and vise versa.

Just a heads up for anyone who still buys albums here.
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I still buy albums. I gotta go to the mall to pick up Graduation tonight.
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was at the hmv at stc at around 1020 and they said 30 people already got it. still picked up both. thanks anyway DiPlOmAt TDOt.
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i walked by the local HMV here, the poster said nothing about 30 pieces but then I walked by a couple minutes later and the posted a "sorry, this deal isn't available anymore"

I'm pretty sure the deal's done everwhere by now.
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I went around 10:00 this morning and I was only the third person to bring up either to the register. Got Curtis for free.
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meh..kanye...what a disappointment..head the leaked and it wasnt as good as i thought..
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damn i just bought the *** version off of amazon.
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i buy used CDs mainly, but yeah thats a good deal, too bad i didnt really want either album lol
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Damn the working life... Prevented me from getting my free copy... Had to pay $13 for each...

Oh well...

After carefully avoiding all leaks prior to the albums dropping, I have listened to both CDs once.

I have to say I'm leaning towards Graduation right now.. I dont know what it is.. I feel like 50 gassed himself/the record as a whole by leaking everything many months ago and then postponing the release date til 9.11

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