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I'm looking to buy a soundbar for my condo. The living room is on the smaller side. I'll be connecting the soundbar to my Samsung LCD, DirecTV, and PS3. I just want the one with the best sound quality that fits a budget of about $300.

I've "narrowed" it down (if you can call 6 options narrowing it down) to:

Sony HT-CT500 ($380)
Yamaha YAS-71 ($240)
Zvox 425 ($280)
Zvox 325 ($170)
JVC TH-BA1 ($270)
Vizio VSB210WS ($300)

I don't ever want to feel the need to add a subwoofer (if it doesn't come with one) so bass must be deep enough to feel.

Has anyone used any of the ones listed above?

Also, I'll be adding an Apple Airport Express to wireless stream music from my laptop to whichever speaker set up I choose so if any of the units listed above restrict me from doing that, it's a deal breaker.

Thanks in advance for any and all input
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