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Has anyone installed a home security camera system?

I'm thinking to help my older aunt install one for her house. Weird things have been going on her street over the past year and I think this would help ease her mind a little. Just want something affordable and very effective that can cover 3 areas (front yard, driveway, backyard) of the outside perimeter of the house. Also something that she can go back and check footage on her TV, phone, computer, or when she's out of town.

Any suggestions and/or feedback is appreciated. Thanks NT.

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i used nest cams to watch my dad while i was at work. he's old and my mom and my wife went to vegas and i had to make sure he was ok. i could monitor it from my phone and comp and even speak through the cams. setting them up was super easy.
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I strongly recommend a ring doorbell on the front and a few blink xt2’s to watch everywhere else. Easy to install and easy to monitor. Don’t need to hardwire.

You can check from your phone or computer when you are away from home. Stores in the cloud.

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I'd also throw some motion sensing flood lights into the mix as well.

Typically when dudes see a house that has cameras and is lit up like game night at a football stadium that's enough to deter 95% of violaters
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Isn't Ring the company that the police can get your videos from in the cloud without your consent?
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I have 3 Nest cameras watching doors. Real easy install can check anytime from phone computer appletv etc


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I have the Abode system. Easy to install and add on. Been pretty solid so far.
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I'm using a Lorex POE (Power Over Ethernet) security camera system.

Should have more stability than wifi cameras since they are connected directly to my router. I also control all surveillance, so no need for a cloud subscription, all video gets saved on my 1tb hd. Quality is amazing as well.

Wiring my house was a btch...that was the only caveat.
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If your concern is someone breaking in its better to have alarms at all possible points of entry than cameras. IMO that is the first priority over cameras. I guess cameras can help if you’re worried about packages being stolen from your porch or something but a loud alarm system that dispatches the police is your best protection against someone getting in your home.

I’ve considered adding cameras to my set up but my security professional who did my business and my home has emphasized its not really necessary. I have cameras all around my business but that’s mostly to keep an eye on what’s going on outside of the building.

I’m not too familiar with most of the self-install home security cameras you can purchase. I’ll be following the thread as I’m curious to see what people are using. Cameras seem pointless if they do not somehow alert police or sound an alarm when you are not available to monitor them. That would be the most important feature I’d look for.

As someone already mentioned, motion sensor flood lights are a good idea.
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Ring doorbell and ring camera with flood light works amazing. The flood light has an alarm. Video Quality is amazin
easy install.


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If your concern is someone breaking in its better to have alarms at all possible points of entry than cameras. IMO that is the first priority over cameras.
Breaking in is not a concern. It's more activities outside of the property. So cameras (one that also films good at night) and I guess flood lights is what I'm looking for.

Also easy install, and something where I don't have to pay a monthly fee. Not trying to add another expense to my aunt's budget.


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Amazon has plenty of good cams to choose from. Copped a couple a few months ago


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I still need to get cameras, but I did install some motion-sensing floodlights. For both the front and back of my house. Will probably get nest cameras this Black Friday


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Wyze Cams, hands down.
yep, got one for $17 dollars after using amazon discount
it works like a charm so far no issues and the night vision is clear

only using it for inside tho, outside we have nightowl systems,
it was fine for the first two years now the app doesnt show the live feed, only playback

& they offer no tech support update to fix the problem ..just a warning to anyone

plus like someone else said the wires is the hardest part..going up in attics & crawling up in tight spaces with installation
if you built for that go ahead its worth it
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If you get Ring get the 2nd edition. I have the first one and the video quality works but not the best.
I also use Blink in addition for all around my home and indoors when I’m away for an extended period of time.

For added measure I have 2 Rottweilers and a Ridgeback
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I have a nest Hello doorbell, and wyze cameras throughout my house at every entrance point.


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We rock w/ Nest. Not thrilled that Google bought them out, but the cams work great. No complaints from me other than they tend to eat thru bandwidth, but I’m sure most cams that film 24/7 in HD do the same.
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I installed a fully wired ReoLink system around my house about 1.5 years ago. I ordered the system from Amazon during Prime Day for $250. It was a bit of a task climbing up and down ladders and testing rj-45 connections (I ran the cat 6 cables and attached the connectors myself). But it was well worth the minor headaches.

The ReoLink app synced everything seamlessly. I'm very pleased with it

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