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Oct 28, 2005
Hey NT, I am in Hong Kong for the next 2 months and I was wondering if anyone knew of any shoe stores selling rare jordans, dunks, and others. I have been looking around but haven't found much. I am trying to find second hand stores similar to those found in Japan. Recommendations? and yes i've seen the HONG KONG post already, not too great

ive been to the following in causeway bay: evergreen skate shop, 8five2shop, catalog, juice, stussy, hamlet, d-mop, and walked along shoe street in mong kok. to be honest...these stores didnt carry anything rare or worth buying.

I am looking for silver/pink SB boxes, and older rarer jordans. I was in Japan last year and went to stores like SKIT (second hand store with walls and walls of rare SBs and Jordans) and nothing I've found here compares anything close. Ill find one semi-rare shoe once in a while like raptor 7s and some rayguns, but nothing too great. I am looking for Flight Club type of stores with much cheaper pricing because we all know flight club prices are ridiculous.

I am still planning on going to Mr. Sample Kickz which is supposed to be decent. but is this really all Hong Kong has to offer? because if it is, the shoe game is weak as Kevin Durant
Most stores in HK have been cleared of rare finds by Japanese buyers who themselves have stores in Japan.

I know the best spots used to be on higher floors of unsuspecting buildings but I'm pretty sure they're all gone by now knowing how businesses in HK always move from one spot to another in such little time.

Japan has the craziest stores/selection. You won't see that anywhere in HK or other Asian countries.
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cash and carry was a good place to look.

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Well, I'm not looking for super duper 5 - year old limited shoes, but will places like Mong Kok carry jordan retros from this year's past and 2006 -specifically the Black Spizikes and Caro V's???? I'm heading out to HK in the beginning of next year, and I'm assuming that newer kicks like theHufmax 1 and LB China V, will not be that much of a stretch to get out there....somebody let me know if Mong Kok is the place to be?!?!
My friend told me that the 06 releases are still available like grapes, militarys etc.. even expensive and older shoes like XI's Oly VII's VI'setc.. and yeah mongkok is your best bet
Thank you gentlemen, insight is very much appreciated, now I've just got to figure out a way to pack shoe boxes efficiently in a balikbayan boxhehehe.............

break down the boxes, fold them up and put them on one side.

stuff each shoe with socks or underwear or something like that, then pack them individually.

i wrap them in plastic grocery bags, especially if they're suede or something bleedable.

i usually try to pack clothes or other soft or small stuff around.

i could fit maybe 17-21 pairs of sz 12 in each balikbayan box.
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