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They have open gym at SF State on Friday. I think Mon and Weds too. They run a few pickup games there.
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gellert basketball league, my personal fav is "the dudes"
cosign, the talent in this league is off the charts.
I remember when Pogiwun posted that got me

War Memorial gym on Monday nights and Sunday morning.  alotta offense, some defense.
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Fillmore Rec center just got redone and I think they have some sort of open gym there. They also have one full court outside which is usually for the weak players like myself. It's funny cause almost 90% of the people that play in the gym are black and almost every other race you can think of plays outside.
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Fongstarr, how is the "black" competition inside the gym? Is it a bunch of hooligans or respectful dudes? Do they really have game or is it all "skintimidation'? A lot of us Asian cats have game, but don't wanna deal with the drama on the "non Asian" sides of gyms. I see this a lot at Sunset Rec and Noe Valley.

Oh yeah, the Lowell courts have low rims like dude said and they lack nets..def an okay place to ball if you want to run.
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I haven't even really stepped inside the gym aside from the first time. I just remember everyone being tall so I didn't even bother (plus I suck). No one looked like they were punks but I wasn't sure if they were running with regulars there. I can imagine if you tried to get a game with folks in there. They would take it mad serious and made sure you didn't come back. I'll stop by there again sometime this week just to check it out and let you guys know what's up.
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