Hot Import Nights 7-7-7

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i gotta hooked up car but ive been outa that game for a lil bit cuz of money. trying to finish UCF. i wish i woulda seen more posted about it i think i woulda tried to make it.
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Ive never went. How is it?
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i live in Miami and i honestly can compare what Orlando has to Miami, but at least the requirements for HIN here are bs, basically you'll see cars not worth the space that another car that is serious about the car scene.

i went two years ago to the Miami show it and sucked big time. Same models and same *****y mode like usual and wearing a bang bus shirt didn't help at all.
I wear my jays, just like i've weared my ex g/f's :smile: (Don't tell me you aren't gonna put on the J's here and there now ) :smile:
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I went a few years and tell you the truth it's the same thing every year. One thing that sucks is that they dim the lights so low in the building that you can't really see the cars all that well. But's only once a year.
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