Hot spots in Las Vegas

Aug 16, 2006
I'm going to Las Vegas the week of the 21st

Do you know any good spots for kicks, gear etc?

Thanks in advance!
You should definately hit up Laced and Niketown. Suite160 also gets good stuff but they jack up their prices. So yeah the best places in town are Laced and Niketown til Undefeated opens. BTW if you are into vintage gear check out Fruition.
til Undefeated opens
interesting. . . .
^^^ yeah pretty much on campus of unlv if you ask me. its right accross from that german restaurant hofbrauhaus (sp?)....
^^^ somebody at iss forums i believe said either the fall or within a year. but then i read something agian that it might not even happen. so who knows??? if it happens it would be great for the city.
Whoa! UNDFTD here in Vegas?!? uh oh... I thought Flight Club in LA was bad enough... Awww man....

niiice...opening soon is august 29th the opening date? i wish it wouldnt open at 12 midnight on the day before school they should change the date
"You gotta get the ground beneath your feet the wind behind your back and go out in a blaze if you have to"
I am so stoked we can finally shut suite 160 down...UNDFTD is the poop

does this mean all tier o releases are going to be here now as well?
stop hating on ste 160, more competetion means lower prices in the long run for everyone, if you dont wanna shop there, then dont, no need to throw out negativity, ive never had a problem with them and theyve always been good to me...
yep well tell them they are gonna have to compete awful hard or they might as well pack up shop now.

what are you, their groupie?
So any NTer's going to the Undftd shindig tonite??? And is it invite only??? Talib is going to be @ the HOB which I think is going to to be crazy. . . .
I was there just there w/ an invite. After waiting until after 12:30 (and watching other people being let in) security dude announces that we all should go home or we can wait around, but the party is for their crew and friends. Not cool.
Not a groupie, just a consumer like you, everyone has opinions and thats mine....dont like it? Thats your right...Think about it, you REALLY want STE 160 to be "shut down"? All that means is when UNDFTD sells out of a paticular item youll be beasting over you wont have the possibility of another shop here in town selling it...More stores just benefit the consumer in the long run....

As far as that WONDERFUL UNDFTD party last night, that was a pretty lame way to introduce yourself to a new market....
yeah well I won't shop at Suite even if they are the only shop in town with something I want. I would rather pay more to have it shipped from out of state.

If suite was shut down that would be the @#%$, cuz they suck @#%$. And I dont "beast" over anything. If I see something I like I buy it...I dont care how many other people think its hot, because I only dress for myself.

I dont really care what anyone else thinks either....Fck Suite!!

If they stay open I guess all the little high-school hypebeasts will be whatever happens happens. I dont really care.

There has been plenty of heat released this year.....and for some reason I still have everything I wanted without stepping foot inside that shady @#%$ store. I wonder how that could happen????
I'm really sorry but Suite 160 is going to be shut down..

ok not entirely.. Jeff is gonna be happy he still has his SB jordan and quickstrikes cause hell probaly end up reselling on ebay or jacking the prices off the roof

for this year.. I never gone to suite for any release..

For Hawaii I went to Subskates across the street

For the Invisibles I bought it off my homeboy who got them at suite.. He made a pretty penny but thats my boy

Easters- wasnt feeling them

Citrus/Kiwi-watermelon i went to Athlete's foot...

Puff N stuff sbs i got them from Skate Park of Tampa online. for 100 shipped.. took a week to get to vegas but im still happy i didnt pay 150 at suite 160

forget Suite 160..
Coming in at 91 its... EMAIL!!!!!
I was there just there w/ an invite. After waiting until after 12:30 (and watching other people being let in) security dude announces that we all should go home or we can wait around, but the party is for their crew and friends. Not cool.
Kinda figured it was going down like that. It happens every time when during this convention. You gotta be in the "know" to get in. . .
exactly Yukmouth knows whats up....if you cant get it at Athletes Foot or Subskates or Boardeep, then there are a grip of boutiques who love to ship for retail plus shipping. Sometimes that would cost more, but only if Suite was charging retail...which they never do.

It's not like I'm mad......I just dont support shady business....and I know what the deal is at suite 160...So I would rather my money go to someone who needs it more.
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