Hottest Latinas? Puerto Ricans? Cubans? Mexicans? Dominican?

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Out of anyone's experience with Latina women which ethnic group has the hottest chicks? The Full package im talking about...Btw I've noticed with Cuban girls alt of them have plastic surgery on their boobs, not sure why that is....their are no Cuban girls I've seen that have natural bodies. Yes most of them are from Havana if anyone has ever been their. Pittsburgh lacks Hispanics.
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you waited for your 30 days to post this ********?
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I like Latinas, I know most of you don't like every type of Hispanic girl, so which won wins at the end of the day?
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The self hate is strong in this one.
im mexican but i dont date my race group ethnnicity or w/e you wanna call it, i like to look at them but they are just way too much trouble.

if they are dilluted down with white then its fine, it takes a bit of the crazy away.

i find that they are often immature, narcissistic,materialistic,jealous and think that since they are good looking they dont have to put in work to better the unit.

this is my opinion, i love all women but dont date my kind.
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I gotta say all. I seen some of each race that just blows your mind. Just enjoy all the latinas bros. Shame on you OP for leaving Brazilians out of this.
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Dominicans and its not even close.

Some of the most beautiful women on this earth.
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This dude, again. :lol:

I'm not mad, bro. You're interracial threads give me the lols. :rofl:

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