Houston Heads - What's good on a Holiday Hoop Summit???

Aug 16, 2004
The last H-Town summit I went to was at Live (I don't know if there have been any since) & it was nice, though I didn't interact much. But I do remember talkin to Kadoma about a hoop summit. What's the deal? Who/What/When/etc? Reply with your proposals/interests, etc.

When: Personally, I would prefer a early December summit. It's around the time classes end for the college students & the purgatory between class & finals. Either that or a Thanksgiving holiday joint.

Where: My top choice is the Recreation Center at U of H. Shoebetcha knows what's up there already & even though I don't work there anymore, I should be able to get a discount on a court reservation. I also like it because it's a pretty central location.

I don't know if anyone would be interested in a post-hoop activity or not. Personally, I don't think I would, but I'd be open to one. Suggestions?

My cross has virtually left me completely, but I still have my Lebron dunkman, as well as a few other tricks in the bag. I guess just reply if y'all are interested.

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I remember the first ever hoop summit at some indoor soccer arena joint. Man, that was a while ago! I'd be down for mid-late December or even early Jan. Thats when I'll be home for Christmas break, like most college students.

Sup Guys!?

Houston Summits were at the following locations:

Industry Cafe
Westside Indoor Soccer
Live Sports Cafe
Shadow Bar

I havent really gave any thought to a Holiday Summit yet, but we usually try to have one every Summer and Winter. I think the last few have gotten better and better. Let me know if you guys have any ideas for getting together for a Winter Summit. Im down for basketball gathering, but I really enjoy chilling (and dranking w everyone) so Id like to do a hang out summit as well.

Do one during the holiday break cuz alotta Htown Nters includin myself are in college n away from home.
Kadoma, what's good man? So far it seems like people are favoring something around the Christmas break. Would you guys rather go before or after Christmas? It's still a while away, but I'm kinda leaning personally for before, like somewhere in the Dec. 10-20th range. Any suggestions on location still? Here's a few pics of the courts at U of H from the rec website, fyi.

Main Gym (w/ volleyball setup)


Center Court


Main Gym again (w/ normal setup)


I almost forgot that there's the outdoor pool / patio available too. Possible simple picnic outside or somethin similar


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Hell yeah im down to hoop. Lets make this happen!!
dang... Im at UH-Downtown and we don't have anything nowhere near what the Main Campus has....dat's messed up!
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Frankenstein New Era Sz. 7 3/4

^^^ It's a total of 5 courts. 3 on the Main Gym & 2 on the Center Court. There's the outdoor pool & patio & I can't remember if they still have the barbeque pits out there. I checked w/ the reservations manager & I think she said it'd be like $50 for 2 hours for a private court reservation. I didn't know if anyone would want to go for longer than 2 or not. I didn't check about alcohol at the patio either (I don't drink :wow:
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yo wsup d... this is shoebetcha... new sn

i'm always down to ball... and BW3 is right near my apt so thas wsup.. hope this really goes down..

reminds me... i need to start goin to the rec again... wsup cougar nt'ers
whats up megadeth. i feel ya about going to the rec again. i havent been there for the past couple of semesters. its too bad that we are all paying for using the gym on the fee bill but never had a chance to stop by
Do you have to go to UH to get a court reservation?
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sup...this sounds pretty good....hit me up if yall find a good spot to continue this...
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so what day do we have planned to do da hoop summit? any time after da 17th im good....
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Frankenstein Af1 Sz. 12
Frankenstein New Era Sz. 7 3/4

We need to make this happen! Im lookin foward to schoolin some NTers
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