Houston Nter Graduates.....

Feb 8, 2004
Yea.. ya boy is finally gettin outta there... so here's all da details:

University of Houston-Downtown Graduation
Minute Main Park
December 17th

Come if u want, drinks and eats afterwards will be named shortly... Im thinking either a bar (Sam's Boat, Boudreaux's, etc...) then hit a club ( Belvedere, Cotton Club Exchange) afterwards...

IF not attending, then just congraulate ya boy!



Wanted List:
Anything in a sz. 12

Ghetto dreams...Diamond rings...money @#%$ and clothes and all those fancy things.... i see you must like fat pat man me too, but Congrats on making it all the way threw college!!!!!!!
congrats sir :smokin

i just graduated college in may. personally post college > college life 8)
Cause we get them Dirty deals
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THanks fellas... I hope 2 see all of ya'll at the Summit on Dec. 30th.... Ya'll owe me a shot! lol... j/p

Bruza, I really don't know yet... I know ima take a good 2 month break just to catch my breath a lil....I have a couple of jobs lined up but any other sources any HoustonNTer's know would be greatly appreciated!

Wanted List:
Anything in a sz. 12

any body wanna come to my graudation in may? im getting my high school diploma, and associates from HCC. it should be cool
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Congrats my dude. I'm roundin the last curve, gotta keep kickin lol
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