houston spot still has heat!!!


Nov 1, 2005
hey just a heads up sharpstown mall has cardinals, pure$,
blackcats(limited sizes), and mars. just made it all the way over there and was kinda surpised, northside is all sold out but southside(sharpstown) is all stocked up....just letting yall know peace skizzel
Yeah sharpstown always be gettin second shipments....or big first shipments that last a while. Good lookin, i might have to swing through this week.
lies???? the guy at footaction and he said they had a few sizes in cards and a few in the pure$....smart guy
patience, wait till the military's come out, or the blk toe 1's next year.
hey i noe this is off topic,but i was wondering if they still selln or u noe anyone selln lebron james 2 colorway black an red in
sz 11.5 or 12 i will be in texas on aug 10 an be there for bout 5 days so inbox me
if u noe anyone or any shops that sells it.......
galleria shiekhs has dooms, and i haven't seen any black lebron IIs around. hmm. i'll have to go check out sharpstown one of these days then.
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