How Can I Get Cheap Cable?

Feb 22, 2007
Rogers is asking 50 a month for basic cable and that dont even come with BET and FoodNetwork and @#%$ like that

where can i get some cheap cable, i just want channels 2-66, i dont need to fancy digital box or anything

is this still posible in toronto... is there cable on the black market, im just a student tryna watch some tv
well do u livein a house or apartment...if house i kno the way to get free cable...
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yea if i lived in a house i heard its easy to steal off of ur neighbors cable

but i live in an apartment.... Woolner ave :frown:
Either way if you want "free" cable you're still going to have to sign up with a legitimate service, like rogers, and then cancle it. When they come they literally just snip a wire and they dip. It takes no more than 2 minutes if they come with a ladder. Then you get a links to come by and they just re-attach that wire which takes a few seconds and you're good.
when we moved in the was already cable, so i was good..... then we ordered internet, and dude told me they gonna have tp block our internet until we order it..... so we had internet but no cable, then we canceled the internet, so im wondering what he did when he said he blocked our cable?
Yo when you're on the phone with Rogers or Cogeco just ask for a supervisor and they'll give you hella stuff for free. Tell me how I called in because of my Internet and got a free cell phone out of it.

Ask to speak to a supervisor!
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