How can I get the AJ II Charity Shoe?

Nice avator but you should have asked this in the other AJ Charity shoe thread. I also want to know though
"A sneakerhead could buy sneakers from sun up to sun down and his/her collection may never be complete".
they go on sale November 9th, on and niketowns...hopefully this info is correct
from some schmo on I$$

who ever what to get these u could get em and the rest of the sneakers dat was made by the foudation. I sent a email to the company and this is what they said.

The will go on sale to the public on November 9th at Niketowns across
the country and on

Tamara K. Thompson
Associate Director of Development

Doernbecher Foundation
1121 SW Salmon, Ste. 201
Portland, OR 97205
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Hey I will like to purchase one of these sneakers but I don't live
the area, so is there any way i could purchase these sneakers?

buy them from me now :D
what size you wear?
I'm a hypebeast
Trade me your size 12 or size 13 aquas for my size 14...inbox me for a Nyc meetup
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LOL at that ISS post!!!!
I will like to purchase these sneakers... lol
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Found my sertig's... now i am on the hunt for some Union 180's sz 13 DS or NDS
What is retail on these
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These have been growing on me more and more everytime that I look at them.
Sneakers are meant to be worn not stored.
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