How do I send private messages (ezinbox?) Why use them?

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Dec 8, 1999
Ezinbox is a feature that allows you to send private messages to any NikeTalk member, as long as you both have enabled the feature. Even if you dont plan on sending a great deal of private messages, its still a good idea to activate the ezinbox feature just in case someone would like to contact you. For example, if theres a problem with your personal image or signature, a staff member can use ezinbox to contact you rather than put you on blast in a sticky post in front of everyone.

Further, we dont allow paging so and so posts in ANY of our forums. ALWAYS use ezinbox, IM, or email for this purpose. With ezinbox, you wont have to publicly page other users for personal matters.

Enabling ezinbox is simple.

First, visit your control center:

Then, go to account preferences:

And check Enable Ezinbox.

Now, youre all set up. Using ezinbox is intuitive, but there are a couple of shortcuts that you should be aware of.

First, you can easily send messages to any NikeTalk member by clicking their user name, then using the ezinbox link in that members profile.


When you receive a new message, youll see an indicator right below your user name once youve logged in:

That covers the ezinbox basics.

For complete help with ezinbox, visit ezboard's ezinbox FAQ guide.

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