Apr 10, 2007
i was just wondering how i can preserve the icey color on by neon penny's. i just picked up a couple pairs and i want to make sure that they dont yellow. I saw a guy on ebay sell a pair of jordans XI all white with the clear icey soles and they looked brand new. those jordans were more then 10 years old. can u guys help me out?

btw "THECOOLSHOESHINE" was his name. he has some dope kicks
silica packs, and make sure you store in a dark cool part in your should be fine..

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I dont think the ziplock bag is a good idea put em some where dark and cool and silica packets
Originally Posted by 160jordansdeep

dont wear them

Best advice right there. But like everyone said cool, dark, dry place. I don't like to use silica packets in the shoe box because their made to suckthe moisture out of the air, but they will also suck the moisture out of your shoes over time.
but they will also suck the moisture out of your shoes over time.
I bought multiple pairs, but the I only wore one of them like two to three times and the sole is starting to not look good.

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160 said it best...dont wear them...but to me can you enjoy your shoes without wearing them? =)
the neon r purely green bottom so just clean the sole after u wear them don't see how how u can keep a non translucent/ clear sole icey and stroe them inthe coolest darkest place of yur house
These shoes will yellow over time if you wear them or not.

But If you want them as perfect as you can get with the yellowing.

Keeping them DS is the best thing.
they will eventually yellow, its just how it is. but silica does slow the process a bit.
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