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Hey all, thanks for the report. We don't allow editing of signatures. If you have a signature, we only allow removal by request of a mod. Let us know if you wish to have your signature removed.

CC: @SJSupport

Methodical Management

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I would appreciate it. And will we ever have signatures again?
Your old signature has been removed.

As for the future, we’re looking at using the current signature area to house the charity badges from the old site. If that happens, all current signatures will be removed and in their place would be any charity badges a user has previously earned. This, of course, would allow us to offer additional badges in the future, and would spare us the issues associated with spam signatures (referral links, buy/sell attempts outside the designated area, etc.)
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Could I have my signature removed as well? No longer have a Twitter or any eBay auctions. Appreciate it in advance!
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