how to get rid of acne scars vol. pepperoni pizza

Oct 7, 2007
i have acne scars all over my cheeks and i was wondering how to get rid of them.
i tried using FOB bleach soap to make the scars lighter but it doesn't work for me.
so do you guys have any ideas?
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I have magical powers.
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the thing is, i don't touch my face and people always tell me that.
people say "don't pop your pimples or it'll leave a scar."
i don't pop my pimples and i still get scars.
I have magical powers.
Cocoa butter? I heard you should only use it when your acne is completely gone or else it'll worsen it.
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Generally there is no way to get rid of them. The scars you are talking about are actually not scars, they're called hyperpigmentation spots. They fade, but it can take a VERY long time (months) and they may not fully disappear.

-You can use a cream which has hydroquinone, which is supposed to make the skin stop producing pigment... so it should theoretically get lighter. However, the percentages that it comes in (2%, 4% by prescription) are so low that small effects can only be noticed after months.

-You can go to a dermatologist and get a chemical peel or microdermabrasion; both work by taking off the top layer of the skin and revealing the (hopefully) undamaged bottom parts. However, hyperpigmentation often transcends several layers of skin, so you may not get the results you want after only 1 session. Also, these two procedures are expensive.

Hope that helps.

Ask your doctor... I did and he gave me some creme that renews skin quicker... I think it helped a bit...

I've always thought people were BS'ing about the wonders of cocoa butter but it really does work.
Started using it a couple months ago on my upper arms/shoulders and my skin's starting to look right again.
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Scarring is pretty much irreversible, that's why dermatologists prescribe things like Accutane to people who may not really need it because it will prevent scarring. Without Accutane, my face would be a mess now.
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Cocoa butter??????!! If you put cocoa butter on your face, its a wrap. That stuff will clog your pores so quick ur face won't know what hit it. I'm with the dude that said good old time, that or dermabrasion sessions which I heard are quite painful.
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dove... 1/4 moisturizer soap... works wonders...

and neosporin is good if you have acne... itll take care of it...

honestly its stronger then any prescription ive used...
It's genetics. I smoke and drink like a beast and still have beautiful skin. I'm 26 but look like I'm 19.
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