How to meet and get autographs from athletes? any advice?

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one of my best friends is graduating pretty soon and i want to get him and autographed cowboy jersey and the only connect i had was roy williams because of mycoach but now hes cut and i dont want to give him that. i really want to give him like a romo jersey or jason witten, one of the big names but theyre like 600so i was just gonna buy a jersey and try to get it signed how would i go about doing this?


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Dont bother them when theyre with their girlfriend, and especially not when im with my kid

If you want a roy williams the reciever, not the bum @** safety/linebacker i might be able to hook you up
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^ honestly if u could do that, thatd be real good. i pmed u let me know if u can tho. i actually saw roy williams 2 weeks ago running in downtown and hesgotten tiny. my uncle ran up to him and said whats up and made him look like a little kid. but my coach is real good friends with roy williams, he took us allover to his house last summer, but i want a current player
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Originally Posted by JFMartiMcDandruff

For the NFL, right now the best you can do is hit up the training camps they're holding now.
yep...I got my autograph at the Saints training camp


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this topic reminded me of going down to Joe Robbie Stadium around '96 because the Astros were in town to play the Marlins.

I was INTENT on getting Jeff Bagwell's autograph (which he did. he signed one of my insert cards

but i distinctly remember, above all the people screaming "BAGWELL! MR BAGWELL! MR BIGGIO! PLEASE!" there was this frail little kid.

he goes (in the highest pitch voice ive ever heard, male or female) "excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

I think Danny Darwin threw him a bone and gave him an autograph, but who cares about Danny Darwin anyways?
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when i got beasleys i had a pen out and my shoe off and i just said will you please sign my shoe he was so mad i made a huge ruckus around him
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Originally Posted by Th3Ownly

when i got beasleys i had a pen out and my shoe off and i just said will you please sign my shoe he was so mad i made a huge ruckus around him

if you're older than 15-16 (really if you're older than 10) you should be ashamed of yourself. it's so ridiculous, who cares that you got a famousperson to sign something anyway? I knew a 20 year old kid that got a basketball player to sign his gym towel cause saw him on a treadmill. Leave people alone.

I bet the same people that hassle athletes for autographs are the ones who stop what they're doing and take pictures of ferraris and lamborghinis on theroad. !#* are you going to do with that picture, it literally means nothing?
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