How to Spot Fake AF1'S

Feb 10, 2002
good lookin out to whiteshadow.

If you've been seeing a few West Indies and Puerto Rico's on Ebay, beware because lots of these are fakes, and the quickest way to tell is to look at the back of the shoe. just behind the ankle is the nike air logo, nike and then air just beneath it. READ THIS VERY CAREFULLY, IF THE SWOOSH TOUCHES THE "A" ON THE A I R THEN IT'S A FAKE.
go check out all your legit AF1's and see what I mean, there's a little space so that the swoosh and "A" in A I R don't touch.

just a little friendly help from me and my jewish brother from another mother "Whiteshadow"
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Also, if sellers dare not to show detailed pics of the actual shoes, or used stolen pics, or make whole bunch of excuses like he doesn't have a camera, I wouldn't buy from them. Just my two cents.
Thanks for the info ktown, just to back this up, here's a detailed comparison from Alternate Sneaker b/w the real and fake PR AF1:

Look at the session date 12/5, all pics on the left are REAL and FAKES on the right.

CAUTION! Don't depends on product code and color scheme to distinguish whether the shoes is fake or real coz fake shoes have the EXACT SAME style number and color scheme, one ONLY EXCEPTION is the ATMOS AF1, fakes have BLUE/GREY as the color scheme, but the real has TWINLIGHT BLUE/MEDIUM GREY as the color.

Hope that helps. :smile:


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