how would u rather die? burning, drowning, or falling from a 6 story building

Jan 17, 2009
lets say u had to pick from 3 executions for yourself. whichone would u choose.

Falling to your death> Drowning > Burning
Originally Posted by drsfinest72

Falling to your death> Drowning > Burning

drowning ftw
i would rather fall. i got time to think to myself and then depending on the height instant death.
i've watched Beetlejuice so i will pick drowning in case there is an afterlife.....
Burning would have to be the worst, I hate water and I'm scared of heights. Lets go with living
lets look at the logic. drowning and burning yourself is automatic death.

but Falling from a 6 story building. you can still survive. but you gonna be all !$!#%% up.

Drowning would be crazy. imagine hyperventilating underwater? scary stuff.

burning would be crazy. it would hurt alot at first. but your nerves would all burn and you wont feel it anymore and your body goes into shock and wham. yourdead.
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