How you deal with kids in your fam growing up soft?


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My little cousins never been in a fight and doesnt know how to..Dudes 9 and has never been in a fight and im afraid of lil dude growin up soft cause helives in a rough neighborhood in Brazil... (just moved back to brazil) But he has no older brothers to teach him how to fight and stand up for himself. Iremember when I was younger i learned to fight by watching,fighting and learning from my brothers and the older kids but i gotta feeling lil dude gonna grow upnot knowing how to defend myself..How ya deal with this? This post comes from him tellin' me how some kid was messing with him at church today...
Nah really though how ya deal with this kinda thing? Lil dudes goin back toBrazil tommorow n I juss wouldnt wanna see hear about kid havin problems like fighting and stuff....
Soft people usually don't find reasons to fight people so their softness doesn't bite them in the @%% anyway
I kinda feel you ont this. I never had anyone teach me how to fight or anything like that, I just always knew how to protect myself, kind of like instinct. Mybrother is soft though. Like hell feel sad and stuff if someone says something to him etc.

Were just real different. Like, I know I havent cried since 6th grade, and that was when someone I knew died. I dont think Ive cried over anything other thandeath since the 2nd grade, but theres other dudes that will start bawling over the smallest thing.

Also, I dont have problems with fighting at all anymore. Ive been old im kinda intimidating in person, so people tend to fall back, but when Ive had to scrapas a kid, I always won, thats just the way its always been for me. I know some cats at school would rather give up all their possessions if someone was tryingthem than stand up for themselves. I think its a combination of mental strength and confidence in your ability if something was to go down.

As far as being soft though, I always saw that as an emotional thing.
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Soft people usually don't find reasons to fight people so their softness doesn't bite them in the @%% anyway

most often the case
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