Legit Check!!

Joined May 27, 2013
Fakes man stay away
Yo, what makes you say that? I don't disagree with you, I'm just asking what the giveaway is for you because to me they look like grey market or anything. I'm not trying to doubt your answer just looking to see why you said fake. 
Joined Feb 16, 2013
I would be cautious. No pictures of actual shoes. Some decent prices, but there are lots and lots of whack sites out there. They take PayPal though so if you got a few hundred bucks to risk getting tied up for a month or two you could give them a try and see what happens. I wouldn't though
Joined Jul 25, 2012
I thought it looked authentic nothin bogus about it. Small inventory doesn't always gaurntee authenticity but its usually a strong indicator that they sell authentic goods
Joined Apr 28, 2013
Im looking into coppin some of the new NSW stuff they have on there like foams, kds etc there 100% if you ask me
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