Huarache 2K4 vs. 2k5


Apr 9, 2007
Im lookin for a great basketball shoe for next season and I narrowed it down beteween the 2k4 and the 2k5 b/c ive had the 2k5s befroe and they were amazing and i wanted to try the 2k4s.

Which is the best overall shoe?
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I like the 2k4s better, zoom was more responsive and felt like there was a better fit. Plus I hated how sometimes I would be doin an unexpecting behind the back and it would hit the heel of my 2k5s by accident.
2k5 is my favorite basketball shoes.I even felt it was better than the 4's.But to stay on topic the 2k5 is better than the 2k4...even though the back part was sticking out.
Several years later and the 2k4 is STILL the best shoe out there...
2k4 is just look better..!!
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2k5 for me
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i played in 2k4's once and i have to admit it was very good, but played in my 2k5's many times and ima have to go wit the 2k5's.

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2k5s deff...i love those shoes...probally my favorite...

ohh by the way...if the back part of the heel on the 2k5s begans to tear, send them back to nike and you will most likley get a voucher...i have done it 3 times now
I would have to go with the 2K4's
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Both fantastic shoes. I think I like the 2k5 a little bit more though, although they are much uglier.
i like 2k4's better...even tho, i only have one pair, and 5 pairs of 2k5's....anyone know where you can still get 2k4's besides nikeid?
I had some 2k4's and beat the hell out of them. Then i started playing in total packages! And i loved them! Now im playing in 2k5's and they are not bad. So.... 2k4's > 2k5's but..... Total Packages > 2k4's
total packages > 2k4's??????? how is that...its the same shoe, with less in no way can it feel better.

Although, the total packages did have some good colors come out
I just bought my first pair of 2K4s, and it seems as though the ankle support system is inferior to that of the 2K5s. That said, I am a huge fan of the 2K5s... probably my favorite shoes ever.
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2k4 all day
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There was no ankle support for neither, yet the 2k4 is WAY better than the 2k5. Just a better balling shoe - simple, great feel, and gets the job done and I play forward.
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For me? It's the 2k4s hands down. I couldn't even play in the 5s, I tried on about 3 diff pairs and everyone was too unstable. Yes it was responsive and comfortable but the 2k4 is too.

So I'd take the 2k4
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