Hyperstrike Lebron 2? (Pics inside)

Feb 12, 2005
Just wondering, how much are these worth? I heard there were only 50 produced. This guy mentioned somewhere around $1500-2000, I'd say they're worth it too :wow:

they're not hyperstrikes, they're the SVSM LBJ II, made exclusively for his alma mater.
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those aren't even the svsm. aren't they the ones he was supposed to wear in the slam dunk contest??
ncredibly exclusive white/grey/neon green Zoom Lebron II with a dunkman logo at the heel. With under 60 pairs in existence, Petrie explained a little about the exclusivity of the rare Lebron II sample variations that have been made. Petrie made it known that Lebron received 35 of most of the sample editions for himself and friends, while the others were made available to Nike employees and friends of the brand. Obtaining an exclusive sample isnt as easy as one would think, however, even for an employee like Petrie. We gotta go to Taiwan to get em, he revealed.
They definitely ain't SVSM's.

They are dubbed "dunkmans". As of now, extremely limited. Won't be released. And prices are plain ******ed now.

Good stuff Kicks4days.

Dill - Simply ******ed indeed... |I
Can't believe the value of that stuff.
Got some more information on them... they are indeed a hyperstrike release, less than 50 worldwide. I got them from the Sole Collector event. I'm amped because they definitely are a collector's item but I'll probably sell em. :D
Thanks Baby Dill for that info too, big ups!
crcballer is not some uninformed hype follower, claiming to be a know it all based on his high post count. i thought the same thing when i first saw the pic. i was only 90% positive it was the slam dunk contest pair, just because the picture was so bad. people make mistakes. and i don't know nearly as much as he does.
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