HYPETHETIC customs (DIS exclusive)

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hi people... these 3 pairs were made and sold exclusively in "Designed In Singapore" (DIS) store. each design is limited to 5 orders only.

A brief intro...DIS was formed up by a group of singaporean designers and the store mainly promote and sell stuffs made by local designers ranging from interior furnishing, apparels, custom sneaks, notebooks,
to accessories etc..

Just a side note, hypethetic will be doing our 1st "LIVE CUSTOM"
during the DIS OFFICIAL LAUNCH. (in mid june)

*for pricing/sales enquries please email DIS at enquiry@designedinsingapore.com*

Hyperstrike DIS Exclusive

This pair of customs is designed exclusively for the launch of the DIS project. The colorway comprises of the Singapore colours - red and white. The colours coincide with the DIS corporate colour.

The reflective 3M material represents the pool of unknown designers involved in the DIS project, where they are like undiscovered stars waiting to shine in the vast galaxy.

The woven theme represents the unified and binding strength of DIS and the designers, working hand in hand to push local design and brands far beyond our shores.

Sole Warlord III

Sole Warlord III is inspired by the Five Tiger Generals of the Kingdom of Shu during the period of the Three Kingdoms in China. The Five Tiger Generals namely, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yu, Ma Chao and Huang Zhong are fierce warlords and generals who were
bestowed this title in honor of their contributions to the establishment of the kingdom. They have fought countless battles and were almost invincible in their campaigns.

The concept of this shoe revolves around the 5 main materials used patented snakeskin, ostrich skin, crocodile skin, patented leather and oriental fabric, which represents each of the Generals mentioned above, who are brothers in arms. The dragon fabric represents royalty and honor bestowed upon the five by Liu Bei himself. The gold lion head stud represents their might and leadership on the battlefield. The cutout patterns on the sides
represent their unwavering skills that each of the Generals possess.

The original dunk high were ripped apart and are then reassembled by gluing followed by stitching to achieve maximum durability and strength. Like most of the customs we have
released to date, our emphasis is on wearability and durability.

Hyper Gerbil

The first collaboration work with local Visual artist aka Killer Gerbil.
He has been creating the character The Killer Gerbil since 2003 as an alter ego; a street rat that kill empty spaces with colors and forms with means of beautifying.

Inspired by his pet gerbils, street culture and urban art, The Killer Gerbil can be found on different surfaces using all sorts of mediums. Without any hidden or serious agenda behind his art, The Killer Gerbils world is nothing but fun and for the masses
to easily identify and embrace the character.

This pair of customs features both repeated patterns of Killer Gerbil's signature font and the Hypethetic logo. The multi-faceated tone with gradient effects signify the paint sprayed by a spray can of a graffiti artist.

An interesting thing to look out for is the Nike Swoosh made up of white fur which represents Killer Gerbil's signature character fur coat.

DO check out his graffiti work at www.thekillergerbil.com

CLOSE UP LOOK AT HYP repeated pattern (formed by hundreds of HYP signature logo)

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Sole Warlord IIIs are fire. How do you do this?
How long does it take to make 1 shoe?
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Great Work! All three are straight fire
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Absolutley amazing great work.
WANTED: Size 11-13 any condition!PM Me!
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i would love to own a pair of those warlords
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All are amazing and truly creative, but i prefer the Sole Warlord III's those are amazing!

If i may ask.. more pics please! and close up details!

sir mike 954

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Nice stuff
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infared v

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omg those customs i gotta say are unbelieble i would kill for em
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Wow...very impressive.
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Wow :wow:
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