Hypothetical XI Scenario

Dec 30, 2006
What if MJ never came back from retirement in '96. Do you guys think the XI's would still be widely regarded as the greatest shoe of all time? I think the design speaks for itself but seeing them on MJs feet in an NBA game also contributed a great deal to the legacy of that shoe. IMO regardless they'd still be at the top.
I don't think so because if you remember when they first came out, people didn't really like the shoe and it didn't sell very good. They started selling well after people saw MJ was still a dominant player, while wearing the XI's, and that the bulls were a good team, because at first the bulls weren't doing all that good and peole felt MJ wasn't the same as before he retired.
If MJ wasn't coming back, he may not have had as much input into the design of the XI in the first place which would make it a different shoe. The X had little of his input, and his lack of participation shows.
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Any shoe MJ actually played in seems to have alot more appeal....well maybe except the XVIII's.
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Do you guys think the XI's would still be widely regarded as the greatest shoe of all time?

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I always thought the XI's were hot. I remember back in high school seeing this one cat who had the Concords on his feet and was amazed by how nice they were. I didn't have the kind of funds to cop a pair back then, and my parents sure weren't going to buy them so I just admired. Only pair of XI's I own currently are the Black Varsity Red Retros but I'm still happy. :pimp:
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I was 5 when the OG XI's dropped but i remember i had a pair and at kindergarten i was the coolest kid cause of my kicks
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ya, i bet if MJ would have played one more year and worn the 15's, it would have been a different story with them haha
I wish I had enough pairs to wear XIs everyday!! They are my all-time favorite shoe. I remember AI wearin them at gorgetown. Wow those were the days. And I remember callin eastbay hopin to cop them and they were soldout. It was a sad day as a 14 yr old kid wantin them and gettin the ok from ma dukes. Then for them to be soldout I was crushed.
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well, if jordan never came back neither would tinker and thus the xi would not be what it is.
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It was the shoe, it was just hot, IMO
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Well reading Jordans latest book it talked about the XI. Tinker said he was working on the shoe before MJ decided to come back. People you have to realize it takes between a year and year and a half to design a shoe, which means Tinker had to start designing the shoe in November 1994 at the lastest.
If Jordan wore the XX's during that season, they'd be regarded higher than XI's.
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i dont think they would have been as highly regarded. they will always be my favorites, but the fact that he wore him when he became "MJ" again definitely had an impact.
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Probably a little less hot but still would be one of the greatest Jordans even if Jordan didn't play in them just because of the fact that many people today that like that shoe probably don't know what MJ did in those shoes, they just bought it because it looked good. It wouldn't make me like them less even though it would add more to say that MJ dominated in the shoes which makes the value go up even more.
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I remember when I first saw MJ wearing them I thought to myself " why is Jordan playing in dress up shoes?".

When i went to buy the retro concords at footlocker, they had sold out in less than 5 minutes. luckily i got a pair, but man, o man, yes even though those were the retros, it doesnt matter. They have remained the most coveted air jordan of all time no matter the circumstance.
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