I arrived in Rancho Cucamonga yesterday...

Make the 10 mile or so trip to Ontario...

just hop on the 15 fwy and it will take you to the Ontario Mills outlet..they have the nike outlet and some other stores that carry shoes...

here is the best part if you have a vehicle...

take the 15south to the 10 fwy west and go to the shoes in Los Angeles, UNDTFD, FLightClub, Rif, Supreme

Get on the 210fwy west and head to pasadena..you have greyone and neo39 around there..Pasadena is about 30 minutes away, and that might be hard with no car...

Rancho is far, but try Chic-Fil-A...its bomb...

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funk doctor is right. i think i would also add u can visit places like proper and attic in buena park as well its not that very far either probably almost the same distance as if you were going to LA
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there's this mall in Rancho Cucamonga called Victoria Gardens, pretty cool place to chill, but not really a sneaker place
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its the IE...what do you expect?

im just glad that the cow manure is gone..i dreaded going up to ontario when i was younger...
Hey, you around my way. funkdoctor73 :lol:
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u could possibly hit up store 13 in west covina its a pretty chill spot as well they got the west covina mall out there as well its pretty decent
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i live in rancho cucamonga. as far as local sneaker shops...theres active Rancho, Active Chino, Active San Dimas, and maybe active brea. For those besides active theres Crooks in Riverside. I work at the Nike Outlet in Ontario Mills, and theres a store called "Creative Soul" right outside the mall that sells shoes and stuff. Theres also an Against All Odds in the Mills. Victoria Gardens in Rancho is a cool spot but sucks for sneakers and clothes. Youre probably better off going to LA (a 30 minute-1 hr drive depending on traffic) or the OC (a 30-45minute drive depending on traffic) Pasadena is straight down the 210W ( a 25-30 minute drive).
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yeah...crooks in riverside...people are cool there

i used to work there
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Hey Goat121..Do you know a guy named Chike that works with you??? But anyways IMO the Ontario/Rancho Cucamonga area needs more sneaker spots. :\
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haha yeah i work with Chike. He's cool people
And for supersonic, Crooks is off Mission blvd. I forgot the exact address tho
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