i gotta new ipod

Joined Jan 14, 2009
my harddrive completely got deleted so i dont have any of my old songs on my itunes. im pretty much into anything, mainly hip hop, rap, and country. kindaweird i know. but anyways i need help gettin my new itunes started. any suggestions? i currently have 0 songs.
Joined Oct 8, 2008
Put It On, M.V.P. Fed Up With The B.S.
D'evils, Feelin' It, Can I Live
NY State Of Mind, One Love, Halftime, Life's A B.
Joined May 5, 2009
gotta have these guys in my pod

-eazy e
-westside connection
-ice cube
-ice t
-michael jackson
-red hot chili peppers
-the luniz
-tribe called quest
-run dmc
-dilated peoples
-bob marley
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