I Hate My Job

Probably the least helpful post in this thread.

One of the reasons people in education hate their jobs is that everyone has this idea that they owe it to the kids to simply roll up their sleeves and get it done when we as a society have equipped them with few resources, a lack of support, and poor pay.

It’s crazy the comments people will make when you do something as simple as take a day off - “but what about the children?”

I have it in my syllabus that my parents and students get Day 1 that any day I'm not in the building emails will not be answered until the next day I am at the school, and no emails or grades are updated outside of school hours.

If they have a problem with it they can contact HR and get them to pay me outside of those contractually obligated hours. I feel like a lot of teachers don't set boundaries day 1 and are unselfish too a fault. You're no good for anyone if you don't take care of yourself first.

I use all of my days, I don't grade at home, don't check emails at home, do nothing school related outside of the building. Chatgpt created my lesson plans for the rest of the year last week. During school hours I will bend over backwards and do everything in my power to help, but it's just playing a role. By the time that last bell rings my costume is off and I'm done.
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