I just don't understand how..

Dec 20, 2009
People rate Mccoy over Suh.  Suh had 214 tackles while in college, 125 of those were solo. 57 of those were in the bacfield for a loss. He had 24 sacks and 41 QB hurries. He blocked 6 field goals. 15 passes batted down. 4 interceptions. 3 forced fumbles. Oh, and 3 touchdowns.

I think his stats shows why the idea that he can’t get pressure is a joke. 24 sacks, 41 pressures, and 6 blocked kicks? Sounds like pressure to me.

You look at the rest of his stats and you see that neither McCoy or Dorsey or anyone I can remeber has come close to his production. That is why I think the talk of McCoy being better is nonsense. Guess we’ll see in the coming years.
I think it's about what type of DT a specific team needs. Suh is more raw power while Mccoy is much more finesse. At least from what I've heard/read.
*paging someone more informed* (aka Gunna
They are 2 different type of players, that fit 2 different needs. It's like comparing a scat back/open field back to a power back. Depending on your needs, one would have more value than the other.

Suh is a power, block occupying, run stopping DT. Not sure if Suh is going to be able to ragdoll NFL OL's like he did in College, but I think he will still do a good job. Suh is your more prototypical. This is not a Slight on Suh but he was WAY stronger than every OL he matched up against. I don't think he is 'the best DT prospect in this generation' like Kiper and the rest of the pundits say. He is no Albert Haynesworth. And he DEFINITELY isn't better than Sapp

McCoy is a quick, penetrating, stays in the backfield kind of DT. McCoy is VERY athletic, much moreso than Suh. McCoy could even move out to DE in 3-4 looks. McCoy would fit a Spags defense (The Giants a couple years ago, the Rams this year) he is focused on gap penetration, getting in the backfield, etc. Multiple looks. He could be used like Darnell Dockett.

It's easy to see why one would be rated over the other. Not that far fetched. Stop getting so caught up in stats.
I don't care what the style is, if I need a DT then I'm taking Suh. But I would take Berry over anyone in this draft.
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I don't care what the style is, if I need a DT then I'm taking Suh. But I would take Berry over anyone in this draft.

exactly, better technique, higher motor, ALOT STRONGER 32 vs 23 reps, and hes not under weight... I just believe you can teach Suh a counter move on passing downs.  But you cant teach Mccoy how to not get the ball ran down his throat because hes nowhere near strong enough to hold his on at the POA.
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