I just read something profound NT come read vol....1976, Pope, Global Economies,

Dec 3, 2007
So I have to read this for my business ethics class tonight. We've already hit Kant, Rawls, Aristotle and now this paper. Its Pope Benedict (before he was pope) view on Charity on Truth. He uses a publication of Pope Paul VI in 1976 and this quote really spoke to me about what is happening today. The paper talks about technology and how he worries when its main focus is profit and not the improvement of human life, but as an MBA student at a business school I found this interesting and profound.

Profit is useful if it serves as a means towards an end that provides a sense both of how to produce it and how to make good use of it. Once profit becomes the exclusive goal, if it is produced by improper means and without the common good as its ultimate end, it risks destroying wealth and creating poverty.

Even in 1976 Pope Paul VI hoped a global economy would come about i hopes of eliminating hunger, illiteracy and disease. Do you guys feel that out global economy is on the way to accomplishing this? Pope Benedict makes note of how, thanks to a global economy, more countries have a say in world politics. Or is this quote so true, that greed will lead to the unraveling of the world economy and the good it can bring?
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