I know its been asked before but: Kobe vs. Lebron

Joined Aug 2, 2001
Need to settle a long argument with my roomate:

With all else (supporting cast) being equal who would you take on your team for this season? Kobe or Lebron?
Joined Aug 2, 2001
LOL, I guess NT is not the place for settling arguments with your faded roomate. Oh well.
Joined Jun 7, 2004
I'm gonna not be annoying and just give you an answer before this is locked...

Lebron is better.
Joined Feb 26, 2005
The heck is wrong with you?

How we going to help you settle an argument if this can't even be settled on NT.
Joined Aug 2, 2001
^uhh cuz he said nobody would pick Lebron...and agreed that if more than just a couple random Lebron homers pick him then I win.
Joined May 11, 2004
whenever I watch Kobe play he convinces me that he's still the best player in the league.

but it's hard for me to believe that the Lakers wouldn't have won the title last year or took it to 7 games if Lebron was on the Lakers instead of Kobefor that NBA finals.
Joined Jan 11, 2006
--No lock yet?
--I'll take Bron over Kobe...
--BUT I'll take the LAKERS over the Cavs. Check the sig!
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