I listen to rap, so I don't deserve health care vol. John Boehner

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Uhhhh...can someone defend/explain/make sense of this nonsense.

And republicans wonder why America despises them sometimes.  Bad apples spoil the bunch.

late pass if posted already.
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Originally Posted by Th3RealF0lkBlu3s

That Twitter can't be his.
Word. He would never mention this and get away from MSM.

"I mean no disrespect to the urban community, but it's sad to give handouts to welfare moms & rappers while real Americans lose their jobs."

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so why is the twitter account GopBoehner is suspended and his official one is actually GOPLeader?

I scrolled through all his past tweets and on that date, it just said:

GOP Leader Blog: Pressure Builds on Speaker Pelosi to Back “Read the Bill
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