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Joined Aug 11, 2005
This has nothing to do with art but i just HAD to see if anyone saw on MSNBC the I love famous people guy! If you didn't see it, during the press conference by OJ Simpsons attorneys, there was a guy standing right beside OJ's attorneys wearing a "I love famous people" trucker hat and a sweatshirt depicting OJ's mug shot and "OJ 07" above it. Throughout the press conference this guy made a fool of himself, interrupting the attorneys and even asking for a high five from attorney Yale Galanter. If you missed it, it will probably be on youtube shortly, but i just wanted to see if anyone else saw it and was as impressed by it as I was, he has my respect and he DEF deserves it for making a mockery of the press conference!
Joined Sep 9, 2006
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