oo that sucks! get some plaster thingy and put it on the chipped part, and let it dry

it may taste like crap though
Plaster thingy?

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I don't think this is the right place for this. I'd be in the yellow pages searching. SMH, fools pay hundreds for shoes but don't take care of themselves
Hit me up if you have HUF fitteds in 7 1/4

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ill patch you right up for 100
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the link i posted is my pop's practice in alameda.

aparently a lot of dentists/orthodontists advertise on craigslist. he said he tried it to direct more people to his website, and a lot of people have come in saying they saw his ad on craigslist or his website.

he's legit, i get all my dental work free and only have one real complaint, he won't make me a gold grill
Your pops is a smart man not making you one of those god awful gold grills.
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Lol @ jang + associates... Anyone see the commercial? Dude is hella hurt. That's the last place I'd go haha.
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