I NEED A NEW JOB.....hook a fellow torontonian up

Jun 22, 2004
my current job aint cuttin it at all, 2 shifts a week. i was jus wondering if any of yall dudes know of an opening or any places hiring.....im 18 yrs old with a high school diploma and currently enrolled in college for auto tech. not much to work with i know, but if you come across something get at me, it would be greatly appreciated.

some of the clowns on here are gonna come with some bull like why dont u find one yourself? trust me, i tried. 30 resumes/cover letters handed out and applications galore, no call back in the past 5 months...@#%$ getting a lil despairing right now.
God created turbo lag to give V8's a chance.
Since you're currently in school for auto tech. Try going to like, Autosonic, or Bento's and see if you can get a job there. Let them know you have experience in it and everything.
Try apprenticeship (sp?) at dealerships.
My friend got a summer job through coop on that.
Otherwise, stop by your closest public library. Easiest job you'll ever have.
I got rehired :D
I know what it feels like searching around for a new job. Thank goodness adidas picked me up and now I'm set for awhile.

But to help out, try Dominion's as well for something more temporary. Cleaner, brighter than No Frills and they're always hiring as well. Good thing about (most) grocery stores is you get paid on a weekly basis.
Hey - no joke on the grocery job tip - I've been holding down a Loblaws P/T job for the past 13 yrs. (that's right, no typo) & as a union gig it pays well if you can keep up the hours worked quota...

Hang in there & keep on sending out those resumes...

True story - I was down to my last resume (back in the 90s lol - university student needed dollas for books) & after an afternoon trying to find work @ Fairview Mall I walked into Loblaws & asked if they were hiring. Turns out they were, & 13 years later I'm at top rate, have full benefits, good rapport & work history at the job, etc. as a P/T job.

Soooo long story short keep looking & don't stop. Timing is everything so keep on keeping on. Eventually someone will like what you have to say on your resume & give you a shot. If it comes down to it sell off some shoes to get your paper in the short term.
BY GUILE, NOT STRENGTHMy refs. include:

ekin95 (from ISS Running Forum)
& more I forgot :frown:
Just seen a big "NOW HIRING WIRELESS SPECIALISTS - APPLY WITHIN" sign infront of the ROGERS VIDEO @ Markington. Imma op on that tomorrow.

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^^^^^^^^^^^^^LOL^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Oseez u got a job yet? lol still lookin......................... after a million years
go get a job at blockbuster... alot of them seem to be hiring. Well in the Toronto area mostly.
well yah thats why im sitting around all day staring at this damn computer and hustlin on ebay so I can make a little bit of loot tohelp my girl out and support my addiction..I got jobs lined up I just cant get in on them cause hrsdc wont let me get hired cause I'm "taking jobs away from canadians"
eff it, i applied to rogers, and intercon security. i better not catch yall actin up, or else imma have to bust some skulls with my x-o.
Yall lil rappers is textbook, you tryin to bounce pass, i hit em with the no-look.
mcdonalds. there should be no reason why anyone doesn't have a job at all in canada. heads need to suck it up if you wanna get paid.
^ Yo I'm on the same boat!!! I tried numerous times to get a job at stores in the mall (most notably Vaughan Mills) since I kiiinndaaa live closer to there. Shoot I'm broke as a mothaa****a.
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