I need a new outdoor shoe

Jul 11, 2005
I need a new shoe for outdoor hooping....my favorite ballin shoe ever is the Jet flight along with the OG XIV a distant second....recommend me a new shoe for the summer....cause yea i got sneaks, but i need a new pair, cause bball courts in the summer got girls there
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umm i appreciate the advice, but you couldnt get farther fom what I want....breathability(sp?) and weight are nearly the complete oppostite from the two shoes I mentioned...(yes I own some IV's 2 pairs to be exact)
Smith, Davis, Gore...​
Friday Night Lights is the best show on TV​
the Nike Air Zoom Generations work well for me... they are light and have good ventilation and can be found for a reasonable price on ebay

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The Spotlights. They are an outdoor bball shoe.
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zoom kobe 1... its outsole is very durable for outdoor use

zoom kobe 2... has the most breathability

melo m3... lightest out of the 3 almost as light as the xiv

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they've been having this conversation for a while now on another thread. Lebron IV's was one of the consensus best outdoor shoes. the main feature of all the shoes suggested is durability on the blacktop
I would suggest against the Kobe 1s. I balled 6 times on blacktop in these (black/white colorway), and the outsole wore down super-fast in the heel, to the point that the midsoles are showing (no outsole left). It depends on your playing style (I'm a 3-point gunner that slashes to the hoop to keep defenses honest) however. Just my 2 cents...

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^^ COSIGN on that I have played in 3 pairs and now I'm on my 4. Great outdoor shoe!! My Kobe Strengths are holding up, but I have to play more games in them though.
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I love the 20.5.5's for outdoor.

How are the Lebron III lows outdoor, anyone know?
i would highly recommend the Ultraflights and the AZKII Strengths

AND1's current lineup is also a pretty serious contender, their tech. isn't that bad either and the shoes are way cheaper compared to Nike. and they aren't like 80% crappier. just look at the AND1 thread in the Other Brands section of the forum and u can get an idea of what to buy
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