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Dec 14, 2005
I am doing research for a paper in my American studies class on shoe culture and there are a couple of things I could really use you guys help on. First off I want to know on average how much money do you guys spend on shoes per year. Next I would like to know your age and location. Next I would like to know why you collect shoes and what shoes and the culture means to you, like are you just into it because of fashion or is there some deeper reason, like I collect because my family couldnt afford these shoes when I was younger. Also a big thing I need to know is what kind of shoes you collect. Please it is extremely important that you are honest because it is better for me. Also mods please do not delete or move this post, I am posting in different boards because I need a wide range of opinions. Thanks guys for your help.
ok well shoot, since im not feeling like BFO i'll be nice( no pun bfo no pun)

Im the Shoeman

Im from Seattle, WA

Spend about 0-550 dollars a year because i spend money on my car too=)

I collect shoes because i love this culture most people who are shoe heads are nice and fun to talk to. Im def. not into the shoe culture because of fashion and i NEVER will...Im in this because i love shoes and the history and influences on some certain shoes (EX: Jordan 5s because i love planes)in general.

The kinds of shoes i collect are VERY VERY different than most people. People collect dunks, jordans, adidas, and sometimes all, but as for me i can really care what the next person says or thinks about my shoes.

I buy shoes because I LIKE THEM, not because everyone else does. Most people on here buy shoes cuz a big group of people like them.

As for my collection i collect old Nikes and Jordans so i can just resell them and get money. But for wearing i wear different brands like Creative Recreation, DVS, DCs,Reeboks, Vans, Pumas, etc. Im an all around guy if i like it, it wont matter what brand it is.

Wow when did I get a rep as a bullie? Im a nice guy, I hug babies, I save baby seals, I walk old ladies across the street and once volunteered to be a back shaver at a home for convelescent italians.

Im Big Fame One

I am from Seattle

Spend about 500 or so on shoes a year maybe more.

I used to limit myself to 300 dollars a month and rarely stayed under budget but that was a long while ago.

I don't ?collect" shoes per se, I wear them so I buy what I will wear. Like Shoeman I am not all that big on whats hip or limited today. I buy the shoes I miss. See I am 30 years old and so I am pretty big on two kinds of sneakers, that which is new and looks comfy and I want to wear, or that which is either OG or retro and has meaning to me.

Jordan IVs were the hottest thing when I was in 8th grade and a freshmen, and we couldnt afford them.

So now I buy them, my shoes all have stories like that.

Plus I need fast shoes to catch West Seattle NTers to beat up on apparently (Shoeman is next)
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Per year: apx 6-700 maybe, although ive slowed down a lot this year.

I buy shoes because i like shoes. I dunno where the it came from.
oo206oo is more awesome than you. Don't argue.

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Where in Covington do you live? Timberlane representitive right here.
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Stonefield, near Kentwood.
oo206oo is more awesome than you. Don't argue.

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I have some friends that live in Stonefield. Asians of course. You're right by Foss. Lucky.
Team R Kelly​
Age is just a number to us
Im supremedunks

Im from Seattle, WA

Spend about 200-400 dollars a year because there are more important things to buy instead of shoes.

Started collecting jordans at first because i loved "breaking necks" in high school, so i made my parents or older sister to buy me 4 pairs of jordans a month either through ebay, eastbay, pickyourshoes, or retail stores. Within two years in high school, junior-senior i had 32 pairs of jordans. ever since college, i limited my shoes to 1 every 3-5 months. I wanted to spend my money on other things like: eating at expensive and good places, actually have money to do fun stuff instead being broke cause of shoes, and spending money on my car, etc...once you stop buying useless shoes you'll be much happier.

I like jordans mostly, 80% of my shoes are jordans, and the rest are nikes. I have one pair of vans.

Now, I buy only the shoes that i like. and im not camping out for any more shoes unless my firends do it, cause camping out is actually fun.

I have never bought jordans to resell, out of all the shoes i bought i sold only 5-6 pairs.

im bored.
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im andrew206

im from the WHITE part of west seattle

well i cant relly give an estimate of how much money i spend per year cause i just started in may but so far i have bought a shoe every month since may but over that time i had sold some shoes to buy more shoes so yeah

I started collecting jordans because growing up my parents would never get me them (besides the time when i got the laney 5's) so once i had the money i started buyin'm but since im new to this whole "shoe game" i might branch out to more different kind of kicks that i like
I live on california and Morgan, am I in the "white part"? I think so, but I can walk to highpoint without breaking a sweat.
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I spend 200 a week on shoes
a week???
I make around 450 a week. Half in savings half in checking so yeah. Around 2.
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Age is just a number to us
Why am i lucky to live near Foss?

I feel im more lucky to live right by the hwy 18 on-ramp.
oo206oo is more awesome than you. Don't argue.

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And Covington Library which I frequent. RIP Covington 7-11 :frown:
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