I need Help. Very important. Please read.

Dec 14, 2005
I am doing research for a paper in my American studies class on shoe culture and there are a couple of things I could really use you guys help on. First off I want to know on average how much money do you guys spend on shoes per year. Next I would like to know your age and location. Next I would like to know why you collect shoes and what shoes and the culture means to you, like are you just into it because of fashion or is there some deeper reason, like I collect because my family couldnt afford these shoes when I was younger. Also a big thing I need to know is what kind of shoes you collect. Please it is extremely important that you are honest because it is better for me. Also mods please do not delete or move this post, I am posting in different boards because I need a wide range of opinions. Thanks guys for your help.
I'm located in Arizona. I don't really feel like giving you figures such as age or amounts I spend per year; I will, however, tell you why I collect Air Jordans. I grew up during the Jordan Era (you do the math there) and watched him play my beloved Lakers all the time. I loved the shoes when they were released, and I remember working hard in school to "earn" a pair of these shoes. They were coveted and I was lucky to have them. Back then, the quality was unmatched and unsurpassed. They were like the Cadillacs of basketball shoes, and I loved playing basketball in them or just walking casually in them. Nowadays, as you probably already figured out, quality is not job 1 at JB any longer. As I grow older, I also know a little less about the culture that surrounds the collecting. But I collect because it reminds me of my childhood and one of the most significant athletes in any sport.
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