I Need Somethin For The Ladies (Drink) For My 21st This Wknd

Aug 20, 2003
So I'm havin my 21st joint this weekend and I already have a few bottles for me and my dudes, Patron, Goose, Level, and Sky but I know whenever I drink with ladies they say drinks like Patron is too strong for em. So this weekend I was just gonna throw some drinks in a big gatorade cooler and do it like that so it's not as strong. My problem is I don't know what would be a good mix so that it'll get people throwd but still be sweet. Like I've been to parties where it taste foul but it get u drunk. Any ways any help would be appreciated so let me know what you think would be a good combination. Thanks in advance. Peace
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Smirnoff....that's the only thing ill drink (margaritas if my Ma makes them). Anything else and I'm a mess and drunk girls are not cute.
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girls are not cute

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hahaha I've had the ever clear with the kool-aid and that @#%$ goes hard. But it's illegal and Ohio and I'm not driving to WV to get that @#%$ again
yea chicks do like smirnoff ice cuz it taste like kool aid but I just wanna get a big jug of @#%$ with the little button they press to fill they cups
Jell-O shots! Females like em cause no matter how much liquor u put in the mix, u really cant taste it :D
taking the Jell-O shots off of each other. Wish I could show pics from last year's New Years Eve party, but they're a little x rated :pimp:
Wish I could show pics from last year's New Years Eve party, but they're a little x rated
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I second on the everclear (if you can get some) and jello shots. You're drunk before you realized you took your 1st sip. Also make hulks, they're easier to drink (hyp and henn). I've noticed you've listed only white. What kind of men dont drink brown? Henn? Cognac?
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-Captain Morgan coconut rum and pineapple juice :smokin

-ruby red grapefruit juice and absolute vodka

.......just a few ,you could also buy a bottle of Asti champagne (if you do also buy some strawberries...1per glass) :smokin
99 Apples works..


Smirnoff Ice is usually your best bet..

Amaretto(sp) sours..

Devil Springs and Jack Daniels?? or is that only me..add a chaser and they'll be fine..lol
GHB, Rohypnol, Ketamine, Ecstasy they all work pretty good take your pick
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GHB, Rohypnol, Ketamine, Ecstasy they all work pretty good take your pick

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So you aint inviting Jman to the party? Its down at OU or back here in Cleveland?
Make some JUNGLE JUICE...
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Get Hypno, Alize, and Hennesy. You'll be good.
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most of you guys are giving him the wrong advice - if it's a party - go straight to finding the cheapest handle of vodka or rum and add koolaid.

unless he's ballin enough to buy like 30 bottles of alize, :lol:

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I dunno man, I know girls that love hard liq or they love beer or just mess around with light stuff. If I were, I'd have everything to make sure there's something there for everyone. You should Goose/Belvedere (For those who like clear drinks or vodka, Level is gross!!@$#!), Hen (for the down @#%$ girls lol), beer (corona, or whatever, mgd), and Jungle Juice (98% alcohol from mexico, kool aid, sweet and sour mix, sugar, and some other stuff, i have the ingredients on my comp somewhere)
Malibu and Pineapple Juice
Malibu and Coke
Sprite and Midori
Sprite and Parrot Bay

All of these aren't too strong but they'll sneak up on the ladies after they've had a few of them.

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just ask some girls what they like. that is the best advice i can give. i am a guy so how do i know exactly what type of drinks girls want.
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