Ice Cube To Start 3 on 3 Basketball League

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After more than two decades of success in music and Hollywood, Ice Cube is bringing his talents to sports with the launch of his basketball league, BIG3.

According to multiple reports, the league will kick off in late June and feature eight traveling teams competing in 3-on-3, half court games with former NBA players. Cube has also tapped former NBA coaches and commissioners to help run the league, including former National Basketball Players Association deputy executive, Roger Mason who signed on to become president and commissioner, cites Yahoo Sports.

Yall watchin?
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If it runs from June-August I see no problem. Another lifeline for players who need a stage is fine.
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This will do worse than the XFL.
Nothing can fail harder than XFL.

I don't see this being a disaster like that. He isn't trying to compete with the NBA like they were trying to wit the NFL.

This could be popular like how And 1 street ball tour was back in the day. Especially if they **** around and get some guys we all know playing in it. I don't know about retired players but if they got dudes who made noise in college he could be on to something.

He basically making a summer league tournament. It cciuld work
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Instead of wasting our time with this, he should be sending that "hey stranger" text to Chris Tucker so they can get that Friday 4 going
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They already got the TBT in the summer for a couple Milly prize money ...the last couple rounds is on ESPN n always intense n dope :pimp:
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i barely watch the nba now...only really get interested when the playoffs roll around 

why would i want to watch old people play 3 on 3 pick up games?  that sounds terrible. 

maybe if they make the format like the magic summer league games where people can call in...and they have to have the same announcers. 
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What's the name of that 1-1 that Cam'ron hosted think that's much better than 3-3.... & On another note how long was the XFL season did it survive a full season I remember the Custom names on back of jerseys & that black football lol
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